Thursday, October 29, 2015

Online Shopping is Getting More Popular Among Women in India and Bangladesh

In this quickly modifying era and occasion, heading out ‘computerized’ is the latest phenomenon. Every traditional store is now attempting to make its online existence to remain in front of the competition. Customers nowadays choose purchasing items at the mouse click rather than spending strength and time purchasing from traditional shops. In the light of this situation, Cooliyo – a trusted customer curate lifestyle & fashion items platform carried out an informative review that has assisted in decryption the shopping behavior of women in India. The trial range of the research was three hundred thousand online female customers.

India has around hundred million women Smartphone users out of that forty percent shop on the web. Seventy percent online purchases come through a smart phone device whilst only thirty percent choose pc/tab. Fifty three percent women in metro towns like buying online as compared to forty seven percent in collection two or three markets.

According to the survey, eighty percent women decide to connect with designers while purchasing fashion and lifestyle items online after provided an alternative. When questioned, almost all of the women mentioned that they become confident when a designer suggests a specific item to them. Selecting the ideal clothing or footwear online was the greatest obstacle before as there clearly was no individualized feeling to it, said by those women’s. Nevertheless, today all of the fashion websites have professional designers who assist them to select item which completely fits their personality, therefore making their online buying experience far more trouble-free and arranged.

Women online shoppers in the age group of eighteen-twenty four are the most activated and comprise of fifty-two percent as contrasted to 20% between the age bracket of twenty five-thirty-four, six percent above the age of thirty-four and two percent less than the age of eighteen years old.  On an average, lots of the ladies like buying online in between 9–11 pm that too on Fridays and Mondays. Furthermore, 80% ladies like Cash on shipping payment method while only 20% choose for online transactions, stated the survey.
On an average, ladies buy in the following item categories:

             Thirty-five percent clothing
             Twenty-six percent fashion jewelery
             Nineteen percent fashion items
             Eight percent footwear
             Twelve percent house d├ęcor

Mr. Mangesh Panditrao, co-founder & Chief Executive Officer, cooliyo, mentioned, “It has been more than a year since we began cooliyo and nowadays we've around two million active users who participate on a regular basis with our team. Cooliyo is one of the couple of professionals in the market who gives designers guidelines to customers to help them take a good alternative. We've noticed a 300% rise in conversion rates because of customers personal connection with a stylist. We organize to increase our number of users to five million in the upcoming 1 year.”

On the other hand, this trend is also visible in Bangladesh and it seems this trend is rapidly growing. Like Indian women, Bangladeshi women are also getting lots of intention to buy ornaments, jewelry, salwar kameez and sharees from online! Like Cooliyo, also performed a campaign in which they discovered that most of the Bangladeshi online shoppers are Girls or Women! That's a great victory for this country.

Online shopping is getting popular day by day. In this age, we all are fighting with the time and Online Shopping stores really provide us great opportunity to save time and buy anything we want from our home.   

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Online Shopping In Bangladesh Empowering Women

Online Shopping tendencies have established lately in Bangladesh, but have started with clothing such as saris and Salwar Kameez of various home centered boutiques managed by women business owners. Nevertheless, the women members of internet based businesses produced by all people like professors, physicians, college students, home owners, IT experts, developers, and so on and play a role in the development of Bangladesh by using their internet based businesses.

Online Shopping in Bangladesh - Online Shopping in Bangladesh
Improvement of ICT

Thankfully, current reliability of political orientation and support of the authorities has produced rays of hope in form of intro of information and communication technologies (ICT). The use of Net and cell phone are now increasing here progressively. For that reason, new sectors of business potentials are launching in a regular basis and new entrepreneurs from outside of the country especially from within the nations are achieving huge advantages. The most advantageous field by the expansion of ICT is e-business and high growth of online shopping in Bangladesh is providing its strong proofs. Online shopping minimize the complexity of lifestyle of an ordinary resident by decreasing moving around time, reducing the traveling expenses, and snap the limitations of region through country-wide or global reach of buying solutions.

Simple to pay

Current infringements of powerful payment gateways like bKash, mCash, Online Banking, Payoneer, Skrill and Payza are now available for Bangladeshis from safety relevant problems along with money topping issues by using its advanced systems for online customers in Bangladesh. Furthermore, the expansion of mobility has guaranteed business owners to take simple and affordable techniques in their online shopping businesses.

Expansion time of Online Shopping in Bangladesh.

In Bangladesh in the beginning, popular products such as dresses and electronic products have obtained attention of online business owners and among them women are in the leading position. In the year of 2010 lots of housewives, employed women, and a few women students decided to take forward actions to make e-clothe shops feasible through ideal online chances of social media appearance. Facebook has assisted them to make websites and offer reliable platform to start.

They've started with their classic clothes particularly Salwar Kameez and strengthened themselves to start into the sea of e-business through their own e-commerce sites by providing protected and powerful customer experiences for online customers in Dhaka and other parts of Bangladesh progressively. Nowadays banks, government organizations, and some other international business owners from Bangladesh have prolonged assisting hands to empower the Bangladeshi women for e-selling and setting up online industry for all kinds of goods such as online clothes shopping in Bangladesh, online t-shirt shopping in Bangladesh, purchase footwear online in Bangladesh, and more.

In outcomes of such attempts, lots of super e-commerce shops has entered the picture like ekhoni, Cell Bazar, ClickBD, Bikroy, and many others. Until 2015, fast digitalization throughout the private and government industries, expansion of mobile phones, and impact of surrounding countries and their progress are a few facets, that have enhanced the involvement of women in different circles such as political, social, and economical in general.

These have increased the empowerment of women, their own families and in general the society right at the end. For that reason, nowadays we're observing fast development of online shopping among the people because the women working in the parts of instructors, physicians, college students, homemakers, IT experts, developers, and so on.